they would get married teeth in Vietnam?, But after eating, food is stuck to the teeth without using toothpick, how to solve? When food is tucked into your teeth, you can use a light to clean food. Use light force, not to be pushed deep into the teeth. For people with uneven teeth, easy to take food should bring a dental floss to use after each meal. If not, use a toothbrush about 60 minutes after eating. You should not eat briskly because then, acid in food and beverages will make the enamel soft, if you brush your teeth right at this time will enamel damage. Why should fill teeth? Interstitial occlusion is a serious medical condition with the potential for more serious consequences than conventional decay. Because of this, the teeth are the closest to the canal and are difficult to treat. At the same time, the ability to spread and influence the chewing surface, root and adjacent teeth of the dental canal is very high.

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* His wife has dental caries, when the doctor see the need for marrow treatment. Heard that the treatment of marrow is very painful, I think the tooth decay is to be spit, how to get marrow? How does the marrow process work? Thank you doctor. vietnam dentist prices

The pulp is located in the center of the tooth, containing nerves and blood vessels to nourish the teeth. Deep root canal implantation provides an opportunity for bacterial invasion, causing myelitis and more severe myelitis. Symptoms of tooth decay are varied, which can be painful, dull, or sometimes without obvious symptoms.

In case of decay to untreated marrow, infection will spread to the root of the tooth and cause the disease around the tip, leading to much more difficult treatment. In contrast, if treated well, teeth will remain on the jaw for a long time and still retain the (near) function as a normal tooth.

In cases where the worm is only indicated for extraction in case of too deep, there is not enough tooth tissue to recover, the infection is too heavy or cracked, tinged tooth roots … Usually, the doctor will try to retain the tooth as much as possible. . When the teeth are held together, the bite of the patient will be kept stable. At the same time, patients will save time and money to recover the teeth were extracted.

Tooth pulp therapy is a procedure for removing infected pulp, then filling the canal with an alternative material. The treatment process will be done in one or several appointments, depending on the level of infection of the teeth. Patients will be given local anesthesia to relieve pain during the procedure.

With the advancement in therapeutic technology, the procedure is performed gently and quickly. Therefore, the patient should proceed with the treatment as soon as possible in order to achieve optimal results. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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